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Optimal Power Solutions is experienced in all aspects of critical power infrastructure. In our 25-year history, we have developed long-standing relationships with top industry manufacturers and have built a knowledge base and reputation as the go-to authority in power infrastructure products. We specialize in UPS systems, battery energy and monitoring systems, and site distribution systems.

Jaime Mayol


Jaime Mayol is a power solutions professional with a wealth of experience in power supply and distribution systems. He provides organizations with indispensable expertise and support to leverage the most effective technologies for their distinct infrastructure requirements. In collaboration with clients, he has powered over 50 million square feet of data center and critical facility space to date.

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Does your business have a critical power solution strategy? If so, do you review it on a regular basis? Let us help you devise a plan, while leveraging the most effective technologies, and defining the process to solve your specific critical power challenges.

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Just as no two businesses are the same, neither are power solutions. Our team of qualified experts evaluate and reveal important details regarding the infrastructure supporting your business. We then work diligently with you to determine the optimal power solution for your distinct infrastructure requirements.

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